October 2020
- Our Toronto location and all other offices are now permanently closed

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Company Overview

Training Centres of Canada is a leading provider of business education facilities and classroom services. We will create the right solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. From providing rental classrooms, to providing qualified and certified instructors, to logistical and on-site technical support, Training Centres of Canada supplies exactly what you need, exactly when you need it to deliver a successful training session.

Why choose Training Centres of Canada?

Our business is facility rental management.
Our mandate is to provide spacious, well equipped classrooms to ensure the flawless delivery of your training course.

Our Classrooms

Your class will always be held in the same room, which will bear the name of your corporate identity.
Your classroom will always be setup according to your specifications.

Our Services

Our spacious classrooms are individually climate-controlled and noise reduced.
We provide raised dais and speaker lecterns in our larger classrooms.
Our student management services includes courseware filing, binding, photocopying, faxing and courier pickup and delivery.

Hardware & Security

Rack of ServersWe provide a secure environment for your students, your software and training. We employ the latest technologies in firewall and anti-virus systems and work extensively with your technology staff to design a secure solution to protect your software and site-to-site connections. The flexibility of our network design provides for both physical and logical network protection. We are able to physically separate your class, and by an access control router, to logically segment your classroom when accessing external resources.

We can provide you with the most powerful computers available today - 3/4GB of RAM, Core 2 Duo processors and 160 GB hard drives. Our managed Network Bandwidth Allocation can provide a separate high-speed connection with guaranteed throughput for your classroom. Training Centres of Canada can handle whatever complex technical requirements your training delivery requires.

Making Sure everything is in the Classroom

ClassroomWe will prepare your software image and require verification at least 10 days before the scheduled training event. Only after the image has been verified can it be installed onto the classroom computers. We work with you to create and distribute the appropriate software image and can submit it for your technical review, approval certification and distribution.

Our classroom network LAN provides the highest quality transfer rates to our fibre optic powered Internet connection with a guaranteed through-put of 12/1 megs on our end to end loop.

Our larger classrooms contain a raised teaching platform or dais with a portable speaker's lectern. All rooms are outfitted with dual whiteboards and a separate projector screen designed for a five (5) foot high image at 4000 lumens.

Soundproofing insulation with high NRC (absorbing sound) ratings of 0.60+ is used in the classroom walls.


Founded in 2008, Training Centres of Canada is growing from a single training site in Toronto to a national services company with facilities in all major Canadian cities. We provide a complete range of integrated business education services to ensure the complete delivery of our clients’ training needs, from scheduling sessions across the country, to ensuring technical specifications are met, to providing a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Training Centres of Canada sought the best ways to provide training services and we spoke to instructors and training professionals to learn what they needed. We learned that they need facilities with highly specialized technology and presentation rooms for successfully delivering training courses to groups of people. Based on these needs, we designed our full-service training centres, and organized customer support teams that possess the deep knowledge of the training industry necessary to meet our clients’ demands.

Integrated Services

We have developed integrated services focused on bringing efficiency to the delivery of our clients’ training courseware and assisting clients with event logistics. Training Centres of Canada training facilities offer complete flexibility - from classroom size and technology requirements to presentation equipment and catering services. On-site you will find a full-time certified technical and administrative support team. Our technology and hospitality staff focus on the entire learning experience. We will organize and distribute manuals, student kits, and other class items so that you have all the right materials just in time for your training events. Our Client Services staff handle the important logistical details - from finding venues to contacting caterers - to arrange successful meetings and events.

Training Centres of Canada’s flexible capabilities allow us to serve both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Our client list extends across all industries, from technology firms to energy, financial, and professional services companies.

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