October 2020
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Assessment for Outlook

Course Pre-Assessment
Please Complete The Following Course Assessment for OUTLOOK.

Yes = I already know how to do this task

No = I do not know how to do this task

Create and Send Messages
Save as Draft
Set Message Priority
Create a Signature
Reply to Messages

Forward Messages
Attach Documents to an E-Mail Message
Add a Person to the Address Book
Create a Distribution List
Sort Messages

Create a Folder
Move Messages to Folders
Find Items
Create an Out of Office Message
Create a Contact

Use Contact Views
Create a Personal Appointment
Copy an Appointment
Create a Recurring Appointment
Create a Meeting

Track Attendee Responses
Accept or Decline Meeting Requests
Create a Personal Task
Assign a Task
Create a Journal Entry

Create a Note
Print Email Messages
Recall a Message
Use the Organize Options
Use Contacts for Mail Merge

Send a Status Report for a Task
Share Folders
Access Other User's Folders
Design a Form
View Web Pages in Outlook
Use Stationery

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