October 2020
- Our Toronto location and all other offices are now permanently closed

Assessment for Excel

Course Pre-Assessment
Please Complete The Following Course Assessment for EXCEL.

Yes = I already know how to do this task

No = I do not know how to do this task

Enter Text
Enter Values, Numbers and Dates
Format Cells
Move/Copy Data
Insert and Delete Columns and Rows

Name a Worksheet
Enter Simple Formulas
Use Auto Sum Feature
Use Basic Functions
Insert Headers and Footers

Use the Drawing Toolbar
Insert ClipArt
Create a Chart with the Chart Wizard
Create Name Ranges
Create a List

Use Filters
Protect Cells
Create a Subtotal
Create a Pivot Table

Use Financial Functions FV
Link Worksheets
Link Workbooks
Create a WEB Query
Use Auditing Toolbar

Use the Goal Seek Dialog Box
Use Solver to Forecast Values
Assign Macros

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