October 2020
- Our Toronto location and all other offices are now permanently closed

Assessment for Powerpoint

Course Pre-Assessment
Please Complete The Following Course Assessment for POWERPOINT.

Yes = I already know how to do this task

No = I do not know how to do this task

Create a New Blank Presentation
Insert/Delete Slides
Change Slide Layouts
Insert/Delete text
Promote/Demote Bullet Levels

Apply a Design Template
Work with the Title Master and Slide Master
Change Bullet Style
Insert Clipart
Size and Move Clipart

Create WordArt
Create a Chart
Set Slide Transitions
Copy/Delete Slides
Create Summary slide

Rearrange Slides
Create a Template
Import Excel Charts
Import Slides from other Presentations
Set Animation Order

Save as a Web Page
Create Speaker Notes
Print & Customize Handouts
Ungroup and Group Clipart
Create a Custom Show

Create Action Buttons
Rehearse a Presentation
Create a Macro

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