October 2020
- Our Toronto location and all other offices are now permanently closed

Assessment for Word

Course Pre-Assessment
Please Complete The Following Course Assessment for WORD.

Yes = I already know how to do this task

No = I do not know how to do this task

Create Document
Save Document
View Print Layout
View Outline
Select text

Find and Replace
Format Characters Using the Toolbar
Change Margins using Ruler
Use Bullets/Numbering

Remove Formatting
Create a Table using the Toolbar
Insert Rows and Columns
Create a Header or Footer using the Menu
Use Autotext

Customize Bullets and Numbering
Change Page Number Formats
Create Auto Text Entries
Create and Modify Styles
Perform Mail Merge

Create Labels and Envelopes
Merge Cells
Create Columns
Use WordArt
Create Endnotes and Footnotes

Create Templates
Create Master Documents
Create Sub-Documents
Create a Table of Contents
Insert Pictures

Format Pictures
Record Macros

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