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Dimensions Scripting: Report Creation - ILT

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mrStudio Tables Option is the functionality behind mrTables. The Table Object Model (TOM) is used as an Option to mrStudio, which will allow users to create scripts to run their batch tables on their desktop. The format for the training course will focus on creating and running scripts (code) rather than using interfaces. The Standard activities for those who are responsible for generating table/cross-tabulation runs will be covered.


Please refer to course overview.


This basic course is for users who will be involved in the creation of complex cross-tabulations using the syntax or code, rather than the graphical interface of mrTables. You must purchase mrStudio with the Tables Object Model Option to utilize the skills learned in this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course; familiarity with object-oriented programming, such as Visual Basic Script, would be an advantage.

For students not familiar with the concept of object orientated languages, consider taking  the self paced VBScript course tutorial associated with this course.


2 days


  • Manipulating the contents of the cells
  • Adding statistics to tables
  • Manipulating the titles of tables
  • Creating simple and complex filter statements
  • Using weights for tables
  • Controlling Bases and creating special Elements
  • Working with Grid questions
  • Managing the Global document settings and the default tables settings within a script
  • Export table results to different applications such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel
  • Opening different sources of data to use for creating tables
  • Creating simple and complex table types

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