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IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting (Intro to Data Management)

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This course covers the basics of Data Management scripting using IBM SPSS Data Collection Author Professional. You will utilize IBM SPSS Data Collection tools to understand the survey structure and data association. Each lesson then builds on the fundamental requirements to manipulate survey and case data, while at the same time introducing best practices and recommended guidelines. You will learn about each of the events that can be accessed during the data management process, building up to a definitive, all-encompassing solution at the end of the course. The survey and case data used during this course are the solutions to the IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting (Survey Creation) Level I course, thereby providing a sense of continuity to students from both classes.


Please refer to course overview.


This basic course is for scriptwriters who will be responsible for the data management of projects. In order words, taking initial datasets and surveys files and modifying the records appropriately.


There are no prerequisites for this course, although knowledge of the IBM SPSS Data Collection Author Professional product is a bonus. For students not familiar with the concept of object orientated languages, consider taking the self paced VBScript course tutorial associated with this course.


2 days


Introduction to Data Management

  • Define what data management is
  • Explain the various object models associated with a data management script
  • Explain the connection to the other Data Collection objects for Interviewing and table generation
  • Step through the operational events within a data management solution
  • List the Data Collection products required

Survey Files and Data

  • Explain the premise behind the Data Collection data model
  • Explain how survey content is stored
  • Explain how the data can be accessed and interpreted

Simple Data Management Script

  • Explain the options when creating a new file
  • Explain an input data reference
  • Organize code in a script
  • Create an output data reference
  • Monitor the solution
  • View and verify the exported data

Options for Reading Data In and Out

  • List the formats of other relevant data types
  • Restrict the data view
  • List the available connection options

Adding Survey Variables

  • Explain the format for adding a variable
  • Explain the format for modifying an existing variable

Actions Prior to Opening Input Data

  • Define the syntax
  • Understand the mrScriptBasic language
  • Explain using external objects

Actions After Reading Input Data

  • Define the syntax
  • Understand the built-in global objects
  • Modify properties of variables in the Input source
  • Explain options to troubleshoot or verify code in a script

Looping Through Records

  • Define the syntax
  • Utilize the dmgrJob intrinsic object
  • Define the code required to write content to our global objects
  • Explain the Data Collection DataCleaning system variables
  • List the scripting best practices associated with this event

Actions Prior to Closing Output Data

  • Define the syntax
  • Close and destroy global instances

Actions After Data Output Closed

  • Define the syntax
  • Understand and explain the usage context

Resolving Issues

  • Understand options to resolve scripting issues within Base Professional
  • Explain how to contact and resolve issues with support
  • List other resources available

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