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Cloud Administration on System x

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You will learn how to perform key Cloud administrative tasks on IBM System x servers. This course also provides working knowledge on how to utilize the Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) as the cloud management package for Power Systems cloud infrastructure. TivSAM will interface into the System x infrastructure through IBM Systems Director 6.3 and VMControl 2.4.

This course uses a combination of instructor lectures and machine exercises to provide the student with practical background knowledge regarding the topics covered. This is delivered in a traditional classroom (face-to-face).

If you would prefer the Instructor Led On-line (ILO) delivery, you should search for course code Cloud Administration on System x (ILO) (1SW40).


  • Describe the concepts and capabilities of Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) as the cloud management package for IBM System x virtualization based infrastructure
  • Define the architecture of the Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) cloud management package
  • Explain how to implement the Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) on IBM System x virtualization based infrastructure
  • Perform selected tasks utilizing Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) solution to:
    • Perform administrative functions
    • Monitor virtual server and resources
    • Administer the capabilities and configuration of the Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) solution
    • Relocate a virtual server and change workload distribution
    • Work with system pools, service catalogs, auditing, and reporting
  • Install, configure and use Active Energy Manager to improve system utilization efficiency
  • Understand security practices for virtualized environments on System x
  • List the key steps to resolve common issues found with the Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM)solution
  • Perform basic problem determination steps with Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TivSAM) solution


This intermediate course is anyone responsible for implementing and managing a self-service Cloud infrastructure running on System x Cloud foundation components and cloud management software.

The audience for this training includes the following:

  • Cloud end users
  • System x technical support individuals
  • System x system administrators
  • System x system engineers
  • System x system architects


You attending this course are expected to have:

  • VMware, IBM Systems Director, and Storage knowledge.
  • A basic understanding of Cloud management software such as TivSam and SmartCloud Entry.

Some of these skills can be obtained by attending the following courses or gained from equivalent experience:

IBM Systems Director courses:

  • IBM Systems Director 6.3. for IBM System x and Blade Center Services (XTRD1)

Cloud courses:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture (1SM00)
  • Implementing SmartCloud Entry on System x (1SW20)

Storage courses:

  • IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center Workshop (SN855)


3 days


  • U1 Overview of administration tasks
  • E1 Lab access and setup verification
  • U2 TSAM administration interface and service catalogs
  • E2 Working with TSAM catalog administration
  • U3 ISD and virtual environment monitoring and auditing
  • E3 Using ISD to monitor and audit virtual environment
  • U4 Active Energy Manager in virtual environment
  • E4 Using AEM for monitoring system power usage
  • U5 Tivoli Monitoring and Energy Management Agent
  • E5 Using ITM and EMA to monitor cloud environment
  • U6 ITM status reports
  • E6 Working with ITM reports
  • U7 Balancing resources in cloud environment
  • E7 Relocating virtual machine
  • U8 Security checking and monitoring
  • E8 Checking and auditing security scenarios
  • U9 Problem Determination
  • E9 Problem Determination

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