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IBM DemandTec Promotion Planning

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This basic course will teach you the skills needed to navigate the Promotion application in order to create Promotions using the various allowance and performance options. You'll understand the components needed to create Package promotion types, learn how to version your promotion and view and manage Deal Management offers.


  • Create Promotions utilizing various allowance and performance options
  • Version the promotion
  • Link Promotions to an Event
  • Create a Package promotion
  • Calculate the Package value
  • Add the Promotion to the Master Calendar


This basic course is for Merchandising Executives, Category Managers, Buyers, Advertising Planners and Merchandise Operations Associates.


You should:

  • Have some experience using web browsers, the internet and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be able to navigate a GUI environment
  • Have experience working with spreadsheets and reports.

As you work through the concepts and tasks, it is assumed that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel; although this will not be a blocking issue to learning.


0.6 days


  • Promotion Allowances
  • Promotion Performance Details
  • Versioning
  • The four Package Strategies and their set up
  • Package creation
  • Package calculation and metrics interpretation
  • Addition of the Package to the Master Calendar

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