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IBM Intelligent Transit Analytics 1.5 Fundamentals

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The IBM® Intelligent Transit Analytics 1.5 Fundamentals provides a basic understanding of the Intelligent Transit Analytics solution, which is a part of the IBM® Intelligent Transportation family. The Intelligent Transit Analytics solution provides the vehicle awareness and prediction feature. This feature helps to monitor, visualize, query, and analyze vehicle, route and service related performance.

This course describes the architecture of this solution. Intelligent Transit Analytics is installed as an optional feature after Intelligent Operations for Transportation installation. The installation steps and post installation verification and configuration of Intelligent Transit Analytics are described in this course. The user interface views and the roles that are associated with these views are also discussed in the course.


  • Describe the key features of Intelligent Transit Analytics solution.
  • Outline the architecture of Intelligent Transit Analytics.
  • Explain the Intelligent Transit Analytics installation steps.
  • Describe the post installation verification and configuration tasks in Intelligent Transit Analytics.
  • List the user roles and the permissions that are associated with each role.
  • Identify and use the page views and the portlets available in the Intelligent Transit Analytics user interface.


This intermediate course is for Technical architects, consultants, and system integrators who want to know about Intelligent Transit Analytics and its features.


You should complete:

  • IBM® Intelligent Operations for Transportation Fundamentals course (ILT/ILO/SPVC)


1 days


  • Introduction to Intelligent Transit Analytics
  • Installation and Verification
  • User Interface Functionality

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