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IBM Digital Analytics Workshop: Getting Started

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This onsite program, for beginning to intermediate users, is a bundle of 7 courses comprised of traditional classroom sessions and hands-on lab activities. Included modules are as follows: Developing Relevant KPIs, Fundamentals of Coremetrics, Monitoring Site Performance, Site and Scenario Analysis, Enterprise Analytics, Lab: Creating Dashboards in Analytics, and Lab: Creating Dashboards in Benchmark and Monitor OR Lab: Creating Clickstream and TruePath Reports.


  • Identify relevant KPIs for your business and design a dashboard to communicate results
  • Access and analyze the suite of reports
  • Compare your performance with that of your competitors using Coremetrics Benchmark
  • Utilize Coremetrics Monitor to create specialized views and threshold alerts for those who can quickly respond to fluctuations in data
  • Interpret data to better understand site traffic and how links within the site influence conversion
  • Utilize Insights for further analysis
  • Navigate the support portal for additional resources and assistance
  • Understand the features associated with Enterprise Analytics


Please refer to course overview for description information.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 days


Please refer to course overview for description information.

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