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Developing Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes 8

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This course is designed for the application developer who will develop Lotus Domino applications for use in composite applications. You learn to use NSF components to develop components and assemble composite applications within the Lotus Domino Designer and Lotus Notes environments.


  • Describe composite applications and the architecture that supports composite applications
  • Create a composite application from NSF components
  • Create composite applications that include non-Lotus Notes components


This expert course is designed for experienced Lotus Domino application developers.


The prerequisites for this course include completion of the following IBM Lotus Domino 8 paths or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience:

Application developers who are new to Lotus Domino 8 and have completed the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of IBM Lotus Domino 8 Application Development (D8510)
  • Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8 Applications: Intermediate Skills (D8530)

Developers who upgraded to Lotus Domino 8 from a previous release and have completed the following course:

  • Exploring the New Features in IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8 (D8420 or D8425)


1 days


Lesson 1: Introducing Composite Applications

Topic 1A: Examining the Composite Application Architecture

  • Composite Applications
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • What is Eclipse?
  • Eclipse and IBM Lotus Products
  • Rich Client Platform
  • Components of a Composite Application
  • Host Environments for Composite Applications
  • Composite Application Catalogs
  • How Composite Applications Work

Topic 1B: Identifying Composite Application Development Tools

  • Tools for Developing Components
  • Tools for Creating Composite Applications

Topic 1C: Overview of Creating Composite Applications

  • Checklist: Creating a Composite Application

Lesson 2: Creating a Composite Application from NSF Components

Topic 2A: Designing NSF Components

  • NSF Components
  • View Display Options for Built-in NSF Components
  • Using View Display Options for Other NSF Components
  • Using Pages in Composite Applications
  • Design Considerations
  • How to Design NSF Components

Topic 2B: Creating NSF Components

  • Composite Application Design Elements
  • The Property Broker Editor
  • Checklist: Creating an NSF Component
  • LotusScript Classes, Properties, and Methods
  • Built-In Properties and Actions
  • How to Create NSF Components

Topic 2C: Creating Composite Applications from NSF Components

  • Storing Composite Applications in Lotus Notes Databases
  • Creating and Assembling Domino-Hosted Composite Applications
  • Specifying Component Properties for a Composite Application
  • Access Control Options
  • Managing Component Palettes
  • The Composite Application Editor Wiring Interface
  • How to Create Composite Applications from NSF Components

Topic 2D: Testing and Deploying a Composite Application

  • Testing Considerations
  • Composite Application Debugging Tools
  • Guidelines for Debugging NSF Components and Composite Applications
  • Deploying Domino-Hosted Composite Applications
  • Provisioning
  • How to Test a Composite Application

Lesson 3: Creating Composite Applications with Non-IBM Lotus Notes Components

Topic 3A: Incorporating an Eclipse Component

  • Determining the Reusability of Existing Components
  • Eclipse Update Sites
  • Provisioning and Access Control
  • Exploring an Eclipse Component
  • How to Incorporate an Eclipse Component

Topic 3B: Hosting Composite Applications with Non-IBM Lotus Notes Components

  • How a Domino Server Hosts a Composite Application
  • Wiring and Re-Wiring Components
  • Hosting Composite Applications on WebSphere Portal
  • Tools for Developing Portlets
  • Preparing the Lotus Notes Client for Viewing Composite Applications
  • Portlet Generation and the Composite Application Editor
  • The Lotus Notes Server Client Installer
  • The Home Portal Account Setting
  • Updating Eclipse Components in Composite Applications
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting Composite Applications that Contain Eclipse Components

Topic 3C: Extending the IBM Lotus Notes Client

  • Eclipse Plug-Ins
  • Extension Points
  • Customizable Areas in the Lotus Notes Client
  • Enabling User-Initiated Updates
  • How to Extend the Lotus Notes Client

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