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Administration of InfoSphere Streams V3

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This course replaces Administration of InfoSphere Streams V2 (DW730). This is the Classroom version of Instructor-led Online course Administration of InfoSphere Streams V3 - ILO (3W731), Self-paced Virtual course Administration of InfoSphere Streams V3 (SPVC) (2W731) and Web-based course Administration of InfoSphere Streams V3 (WBT) (1W731).

This course enables you to acquire the skills necessary to administer an InfoSphere Streams system. The course covers creating Streams instances, creating a Streams recovery database, viewing the state of Streams instance services, moving an application service to another host, stopping and starting processing elements, view the jobs and processing elements that are running. In addition it covers defining host tags, adding a host to a Streams instance, setting the access control list for instance objects to give permission to users to work with those objects, and submitting and canceling Streams job.

There are five exercises that reenforces the presentation material. You will work with two host systems so that you can get a better idea of administering a multi-host Streams environment.


  • Describe the host topologies supported by InfoSphere Streams
  • Explain how Streams uses a DB2 database for recovery purposes
  • Explain how to use the mkinstance command to create a Streams instance
  • Describe dynamic host selection
  • Explain the use for host tags
  • List the differences between a private instance and a shared instance
  • List the two authentication methods available for Streams
  • List the Stream objects on which permissions can be granted
  • Explain how to use the setacl command to update the ACL for a Streams object
  • Start a streams instance
  • Determine the state of all management and application services
  • Use the Streams Console to administer a Streams instance
  • Add a host to an instance
  • Remove a host from an instance
  • Move a management service to a new host
  • Remove a Host Controller from a host
  • Restart a failed instance service
  • Submit SPL jobs to a Streams instance
  • List running jobs in a Streams instance
  • Cancel running jobs in a Streams instance
  • List running PEs
  • Stop, restart and relocate PEs in a Streams instance
  • Relocate a PE to another host
  • Use the scheduler to recommend PE placement
  • View metrics in the Stream Console
  • Get or view Streams logs


This intermediate course is for anyone who will be administering an InfoSphere Streams environment.


Knowledge of Linux administration would be helpful.

Also, attending the Programming for InfoSphere Streams V3 with SPL (DW723) would provide a good foundation.


1 days


  • Unit 1 - Streams Initial Administration
  • Unit 2 - InfoSphere Streams Instance
  • Unit 3 - Running a Streams Instance
  • Unit 4 - Working with Jobs
  • Unit 5 - Performance and Troubleshooting

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