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IBM Content Collector 2.2: Core Skills

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This course is an introduction to IBM Content Collector and is intended for all audiences that are new to this product. For solution builders and administrators, the course establishes basic concepts and skills that are needed as a foundation for more advanced training. For users, this course provides some hands-on training on using the email client features.


  • Build the knowledge and skills necessary to benefit from administration and solution building courses for IBM Content Collector
  • Archive, search for, and restore an email message using the email client


This intermediate course is for anyone who is new to IBM Content Collector.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 days


What IBM Content Collector is and what it does, including example business uses

  • How to start and stop IBM Content Collector services
  • How to use the email client extension to capture, search for, and restore email
  • How to use Configuration Manager to load and view a task route

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