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IBM Content Collector 2.2: Email Collection for P8 and Domino

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This course is for those whose job includes configuring IBM Content Collector for collecting e-mail in an environment that includes an IBM FileNet P8 repository and a Lotus Domino e-mail server.

You will work with a fully functioning IBM Content Collector system to practice the skills required for configuring e-mail collection.


  • Configure e-mail collection for given business scenarios


This intermediate course is for anyone who is responsible for configuring IBM Content Collector to collect e-mail from a Domino mail server in a FileNet P8 environment.


You should complete IBM Content Collector 2.2: Core Skills (F1620).


1 days


  • Collecting e-mail for legal discovery
  • Collecting e-mail for mailbox size management
  • Collecting e-mail for business process management

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