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IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Postal Modules V8

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Learn how to build QualityStage jobs that standardize and verify address data. Gain hands-on experience building jobs that use MNS, CASS, WAVES, and AVI stages. Use the AVI stage to standardize multibyte-encoded address data.

This is the Classroom version of Instructor-led online course IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Postal Modules V8 - ILO (3M310).


  • Standardize multinational address data including multibyte character data
  • Validate standardized addresses


This intermediate QualityStage training is for the following Information Server client groups:

  • Data Analysts responsible for data quality using QualityStage
  • Data Quality Architects
  • Data Cleansing Developers
  • Data Quality Developers needing to standardize and validate address data


You should:

  • have familiarity with Windows
  • complete QualityStage Essentials course or have equivalent experience


2 days


  • QualityStage standardization process review
  • MNS stage
  • CASS stage
  • WAVES stage
  • AVI stage
  • National Language Support (NLS)
  • Standardize multibyte encoded Japanese addresses
  • AVI stage using Japanese-coded address data

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