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Business Glossary Essentials V8.7

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This course works with Information Server V8.7

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary. The course will begin with an overview of metadata and its importance followed by an overview of the business glossary. The course then flows into how to administer IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary, covering how to add users and groups, how to setup hierarchies, methods that can be used to populate the business glossary and ways that one can manage and link IT assets in Information Server.

This course replaces course IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Essentials V8 (KM610). This is the Classroom version of Instructor-led Online Course (3M611).


  • Define the term metadata and explain how metadata can be beneficially used
  • Describe IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary and describe where it fits into the architecture of IBM InfoSphere Information Server
  • List the different types of business glossary users and explain the use of data stewards
  • Define terms in the glossary
  • Explain how to use category hierarchies
  • Describe the ways to populate a glossary
  • List the different file formats that can be imported into a glossary
  • Link terms in the business glossary with IT assets


This basic course is for those whose job includes that administration of the business glossary.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 days


  • Unit 1 - Metadata Overview
  • Unit 2 - Business Glossary Overview
  • Unit 3 - Users and Groups
    • Exercise 1 - Create User Accounts and Roles
  • Unit 4 - Structuring the Business Glossary
    • Exercise 2 - Data Stewards
  • Unit 5 - Populating the Business Glossary
    • Exercise 3 - Import Categories and Terms
    • Exercise 4 - Browsing the Business Glossary
  • Unit 5 - Continued
    • Exercise 5 - Categories and Terms Creation
    • Exercise 6 - Working with Annotations
    • Exercise 7 - Synonyms
    • Exercise 8 - Working with Custom Attributes
  • Unit 6 - Managing and Linking IT Assets in the Information Server
    • Exercise 9 - Searching the Glossary
    • Exercise 10 - Importing Categories and Terms from InfoSphere Data Architect
  • Unit 6 - Continued
    • Exercise 11 - Linking IT Assets

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