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IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Essentials V9.1

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Business Glossary is a web-based tool that enables users to create, manage, and share controlled vocabulary and information governance controls in a repository called a business glossary. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and ability to create and use a business glossary within IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary. The course also takes into account other components of IBM InfoSphere Information Server and how they can contribute to the glossary maintenance. The course illustrates how users can practically apply the usage of a business glossary as a solution to an enterprise wide problem. Finally, this course demonstrates how to use the IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Anywhere application to browse text documents and provide meaningful term definitions.


  • Explain what is IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary
  • Discuss the Business Glossary Roles and Permissions
  • Define and Create Terms and Categories
  • Discuss the concepts of Taxonomy and Controlled Vocabulary
  • Use Business Glossary Anywhere
  • Associate Terms to Assets
  • Import Terms and Categories
  • Explore a Glossary and Assets within Metadata Workbench


Business Glossary Essentials V9.1 training is needed for the following client groups:

  • New Information Server administrators
  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • Systems support personnel
  • DataStage/QualityStage administrators
  • Production control personnel
  • Database administrators


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 days


Unit 1: Metadata

  • Exercise 1: Navigate Through Businbess Glossary

Unit 2: Business Glossary Users Roles and Permissions

  • Exercise 2: Review Roles

Unit 3: Business Glossary Concepts

  • Exercise 3: Create Business Glossary Terms and Categories

Unit 4: Building and Maintaining A Business Glossary

  • Exercise 4: No Exercise

Unit 5: Business Glossary and other Assets

  • Exercise 5: No Exercise

Unit 6: IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Anywhere Overview

  • Exercise 6: Using Business Glossary Anywhere

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