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IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director Essentials V8

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This course works with Information Server V8.5.

This version of the course operates with V8.5 of the IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director.

As a participant of the IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director v8 course, you will learn how to quickly and easily create an ISD project and its components. Participants will also learn how to create and utilize service provider connections to an ISD Application. In addition, users will learn how to invoke the ISD Services they have created from a series of exercises that involve executing a DataStage job, performing SQL queries, and other such tasks. This course is definitely for those who are tasked with creating ISD services and need to get their feet wet.


  • Explain the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Information Server
  • Understand Information Service Director (ISD) Message Flow
  • Discuss the various ISD User Roles
  • Create ISD Project, Application, Service, and Operation
  • Discuss the Service Bindings that are available in ISD
  • Create service around DataStage job configured as service providers
  • Create service around connecting to IBM DB2 service providers
  • Deploy ISD applications
  • Call ISD services


Those who desire to build ISD services around DataStage jobs and Database connections configured as service providers.


You should have:

  • Basic knowledge of working in a Windows environment
  • Acquaintance with concepts of HTML and HTTP
  • Some knowledge of DataStage is an asset but not required
  • Basic knowledge of working with IBM DB2 is an asset but not required


1 days


Unit 01: SOA Concepts and Information Server

Module 1:Service Oriented Architecture

  • Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Drivers for SOA
  • Rules for Applying SOA
  • SOA Benefits
  • SOA and Information Server

Module 2:Information Server

  • Information Server Overview
  • Components of Information Server
    • InfoSphere Business Glossary
    • Information Analyzer (IA)
    • DataStage and QualityStage
    • FastTrack
    • Metadata Workbench

Module 3:What is Information Services Director?

  • Information Services Director (ISD) Overview
    • Information Services Director Value Proposition
    • Information Services Director Business Context

Module 4:Getting Started

  • Logon to the IBM Information Server Console
  • Find and Display Pillar Menus
  • Click through Getting Started
  • Find and Review Preferences/Configuration Options
    • Walkthrough - Logon and Navigation

Unit 02: ISD Message Flow and Roles

Module 1:ISD Message Flow

  • ISD Message Flow

Module 2:ISD User Roles

  • ISD Suite Component Roles
  • ISD Project Roles

Unit 03: Information Services Director Development Model

Module 1:Enablement of information providers

  • ISD Information Service Connection
  • Creating a DataStage/QualityStage Connection
  • Creating a DB2, Federation Server, Oracle Server Connection
    • Lab 01: Creating an Information Services Connection

Module 2:Development Model

  • ISD Project
  • ISD Application
  • ISD Service
  • ISD Operation
    • ISD Security
  • Service Bindings Overview
    • Lab 02: Create a Project, Application, and Service
  • Operations Provider
    • ISD Service Provider Handlers

Module 3:REST 2.0 Service Binding

  • What is REST 2.0
  • How it Works
  • Using the ISD web console

Module 4:Deployment of applications and their services

  • Deploy an Application
    • How to deploy an ISD Application
    • How to invoke the ISD Service
    • Lab 03: Create an ISD DB2 Service
    • Lab 04: Create an ISD DB2 Stored Procedure

Unit 04: Information Services Director and DataStage

Module 1:ISD and DataStage

  • Three job topologies for DataStage Projects
  • ISD Enablement within DataStage
  • Lab 05: DataStage Job - Lookup_CustID
  • Lab 06: Call an ISD DataStage Service

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