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IBM PureFlex Systems Implementation Services

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The IBM PureFlex System is a new category of computing that integrates multiple server architectures, networking, chassis, storage, and system management capability into a single system that is easy to deploy and manage. This course prepares IBM Business Partners to perform foundation services for IBM PureFlex Intro and IBM PureFlex Virtualization service offerings.

Hands-on lab exercises reinforce some of the steps outlined in the foundation services for IBM PureFlex Intro and IBM PureFlex Virtualization service offerings.


  • List the foundation services performed for IBM PureFlex Intro and IBM PureFlex Virtualization service offerings
  • Carry out initial quick start configuration steps for the IBM Flex System Chassis Management Module and the Flex System Manager
  • Carry out configuration steps to zone, map volumes, and manage the IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node in the IBM PureFlex environment
  • Perform configuration steps, such as IP addressing, zoning, VLANs, and other typical Ethernet settings, with the IBM Flex System
  • Carry out the installation and configuration steps necessary to create and manage a Power Systems virtual server
  • Recognize the features of the IBM Flex System Manager VMControl component
  • Perform an initial configuration of an X-Architecture compute node using server configuration patterns
  • Perform a deployment of a compute node image to an X-Architecture compute node


This intermediate course is for IBM Business Partners charged with performing IBM PureFlex Intro Services and IBM PureFlex Virtualization service offerings.


You should complete:

  • IBM PureFlex System Fundamentals (NGT11) / IBM PureFlex System Fundamentals (ILO) (NGV11)


2 days


Day 1

  • Unit 1: IBM PureFlex System Offerings - Overview
  • Unit 2: Quick Start guides for IBM PureFlex Systems
  • Unit 3: IBM PureFlex System Storage considerations
  • Exercise 1: Basic Flex System V7000 administration
  • Unit 4: Networking in IBM PureFlex Systems editions

Day 2

  • Exercise 2: IBM PureFlex Ethernet fundamentals
  • Unit 5: IBM PureFlex Power Systems PowerVM
  • Exercise 3: Power node virtual servers
  • Unit 6: IBM Flex System Manager VMControl overview
  • Unit 7: Configuration patterns and compute node image deployment
  • Exercise 4: Configuring a compute node using configuration patterns
  • Exercise 5: Deploy compute node images

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