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DB2 WebQuery Getting Started

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Hands on labs will teach you to use the highly productive DB2 Web Query Report Assistant and Graph Assistant to produce web based reports and graphs. Learn how to create selective reports/graphs with parameters and drill down function. You'll also learn how easy it is to direct your output to a PDF, to automatically produce an Excel spreadsheet or to direct your output to one of thirteen other formats. Hand-on labs will teach you how to easily convert and extend your Query for iSeries Reports into browser based DB2 Web Query Reports. You'll extend those Query reports with traffic lighting, you'll also direct output to Microsoft Excel and take the quieries to a whole new level with Active Reports. You'll see demonstrations of Executive Dashboards and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports that could be created with additional DB2 Web Query components. Optionally you can learn how install DB2 Web Query on your IBM i.

DB2 Web Query for Users, Developers and Administrators (ODO50) is an alternate class that not only teaches basic function with hands on labs, but also teaches how to use and develop Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) function, Dashboards, KPIs and to extend DB2 Web Query performance and security with advanced IBM i and IBM i DB2 functions.

This course provides lectures and hands on labs in a face-to-face classroom setting. The course is also offered in a live virtual classroom environment (ILO - Instructor Led Online) with hands-on labs DB2 Web Query Getting Started - ILO (OV440).


  • Learn how to replace Query for iSeries 5722-QU1 with DB2 WebQuery for i5/OS 5733-QU2


This is a basic course for end users, programmers, department heads who need to analyze the data in their environment and want to turn it into a business asset.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 days


  • DB2 Web Query Overview
  • Report Assistant and Active Reports
  • Converting Existing Query Reports
  • Graph Assistant
  • Optional: Installation and Management
  • Next Steps
  • Q and A

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