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Domain-Specific Modeling with IBM Rational Software Architect, V7.5

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PLEASE NOTE: This course is also available as a Self-Paced Virtual Class: Domain-Specific Modeling with IBM Rational Software Architect V7.5 (RDV20).

This course provides an introduction to domain-specific modeling in IBM Rational Software Architect. The course describes the characteristics of domain-specific languages (DSLs) and the advantages of domain-specific modeling (DSM). Using a simple case study, the course also describes and demonstrates how to design and implement DSLs in UML with UML profiles, and how to generate executable code from a domain-specific model.


  • Describe the uses for domain-specific modeling
  • Describe the characteristics of an effective domain-specific language (DSL)
  • Describe a process for designing a DSL using UML profiles
  • Design a DSL meta-model
  • Create a UML profile based on a DSL meta-model
  • Generate a graphical palette for the custom UML profile
  • Add constraints to a domain-specific model
  • Model an example application using the DSL
  • Generate executable code from a domain-specific model


This intermediate course is for:

  • Solution architects
  • Designers
  • Developers


You should have completed:

  • Essentials of Modeling with IBM Rational Software Architect (RD565)


1 days


  • Domain-specific languages and domain-specific modeling characteristics
  • Choosing an implementation method
  • Designing a domain-specific language
  • Creating a UML profile Using the profile tooling to generate custom palette elements
  • Creating UML profile tooling Transforming a domain-specific model into executable code

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