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CICS V4 Basic Tailoring

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In this 5-day, instructor-led course, CICS system programmers learn the basic tasks that are needed to install and configure CICS Transaction Server (TS) for z/OS.

The course begins with an overview of CICS TS for z/OS, and explains how to install and verify the product. You will learn how to tailor the system by defining transactions, programs, files, and other resources that CICS applications use. The course also provides a thorough introduction to the security and recovery concepts that are involved in administering new or existing installations of CICS TS. Class lectures include topics such as the Problem Determination Tools, intersystem communication, CICS DB2, Database Control (DBCTL), and the IBM WebSphere MQ interfaces.

In lab exercises throughout the course, you will practice their new CICS skills on a z/OS system that is configured specifically for this course. These hands-on exercises cover skills such as administering terminals, defining transactions and programs, defining files, defining recoverable resources, and using the CICS Explorer.

This course is applicable to all releases of CICS TS V4.

The lab environment for this course uses the Windows platform.

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  • Set up specific CICS regions
  • Identify sources of information necessary for preinstallation planning
  • List the CICS TS data set requirements
  • Identify operating system installation requirements for CICS TS
  • Identify the pregenerated elements of CICS TS
  • Using an application description, define resources and customize:
  • Transactions and associated programs/map sets
  • VSAM files
  • 3270 terminals and autoinstall models that support them
  • Transient data destinations
  • Shared temporary storage pools
  • CICS TS log streams
  • Define the major functions and parameters that are associated with:
  • Initiation and termination
  • Recovery and restart, and the use of z/OS log streams
  • Security
  • Identify the procedures that are required to install the first application
  • Identify the functions of the basic system control parameters
  • Identify the major elements of the statistics
  • Identify the requirements for collecting monitor data
  • List the functions of the intercommunication facilities
  • Identify sources of information for basic problem determination
  • Describe how the other IBM MVS resource managers interface with CICS Transaction Server
  • Describe the choices for invoking CICS programs and accessing CICS data from outside CICS
  • Use the CICS Explorer to inquire and set CICS resource definitions


This intermediate course is designed for system programmers who are new to the installation and tailoring of CICS Transaction Server.


You should:

  • Be familiar with CICS architecture and CICS facilities
  • Have a working knowledge of z/OS, job control language (JCL), the Time Sharing Option (TSO), and the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
  • Have a basic knowledge of systems network architecture concepts
  • Have a basic knowledge of Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) concepts and Access Method services


5 days


  • Course introduction
  • CICS Transaction Server for z/OS overview
  • Installation and verification
  • Exercise: Getting acquainted with CICS TS for z/OS
  • Resource definition online (RDO)
  • Exercise: Using the RDO batch utility DFHCSDUP
  • Supporting terminal access
  • Exercise: Administering terminals
  • Defining transactions, programs, and map sets
  • Exercise: Defining transactions, programs, and map sets
  • File control functions and file definition
  • Exercise: Defining files and (optionally) LSR pools
  • CICS TS queuing facilities
  • Exercise: Defining transient data queues
  • CICS intercommunication services
  • Exercise: Connecting systems
  • Managing CICS resources
  • Exercise: Using CICS Explorer
  • Storage management and storage protection
  • System control
  • Startup, recovery, and restart
  • Exercise: Defining recoverable resources and journal models
  • Security and the external security manager
  • Basic problem determination
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Exercise: CICS sample statistics program
  • Accessing external resource manager data
  • Sysplex support functions
  • Related CICS licensed programs
  • Course summary

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