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Microsoft Access 2013 Core Essentials

This instructor-led class is held at Training Centres of Canada
330 Bay Street, suite 610. All classes start at 9am.

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

This one-level workshop covers the skills that students will need to make the most of Microsoft Access 2013. The course begins with the basics and progresses through several modules which cover databases, tables and records, forms, reports, queries, and much more.

The Basics
The course begins with a look at how to get started with Access, create and save a database, and open an existing database. Then, participants will learn how to sign into Office with a Microsoft account. The module also includes information on database terminology.

Your First Database
This module discusses how to search for objects along with how to open various database objects. Students will also learn how to change object views and how to manage objects. Also included is information on security warnings and data relationships.

Working with Tables and Records
The third module takes a look at tables and records. Here, students will learn to create a table, add and edit database records, search and browse records, and delete and print records. How to make the most of different table views is covered here as well.

Formatting Tables
Delving deeper into tables is the focus of this module. In it, students will learn to select data, change the size of rows and columns, apply text formatting and fill color, apply gridlines, and perform a spell check.

Creating Forms
Forms are the topic discussed here. This module begins with the steps to create forms from an object. It then proceeds to looking at creating forms using the wizard. Students will also learn to create forms from scratch and how to use form views.

Formatting Forms
The look at forms continues in this module. Students will start the module by learning how to change the theme of a form. Also covered is how to use the Format Painter, add fields to a form, and add controls and images to a form.

Creating Reports
Reports are the focus of this particular module. First, students are shown how to create a report from an object and by using the wizard. Students will also learn how to create a report from scratch, use report views, and print reports.

Formatting Reports
Information on reports is continued here with a look at how to change the theme of reports, use the Format Painter, and group and sort data in reports. The module also covers adding controls, images, logos, page numbers, headers, and footers to reports.

Creating Basic Queries
This module allows students to develop skills on queries. They will learn how to create a query with the wizard, run a query, sort and filter a query, and use and apply query views. Students will also learn about the types of queries that are available.

Creating Advanced Queries
Getting a more in-depth look at queries is the goal of this module. Students will learn how to use parameter queries, multiple table queries, crosstab queries, make-table queries, append queries, delete queries, and update queries.

Managing Your Database
In this module, students will learn to compact and repair a database and encrypt a database using a password. Students are also shown how to back up a database, export a database and database objects, and print database objects.

Customizing the Interface
This final module looks at the interface and tips for customizing it. Students are shown how to collapse and pin the ribbon, customize the Quick Access toolbar, hide and show ribbon tabs, create custom tabs, and reset changes made to the interface.

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