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Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

Recommended Prerequisites

Course Overview

The job market continues to change, as does the way we look for work. This course examines the value of presenting yourself as a complete learning pathage by using a resume as an introduction to an employer and backing it up with a portfolio presented at the interview.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. Who Are You?
  3. Exploration
  4. Self-Description
  5. Writing the Resume
  6. Essential Ingredients
  7. Writing the Resume
  8. Creating a Noticeable Package
  9. Personal Branding
  10. Types of Resumes
  11. Cover Letters
  12. Essential Ingredients
  13. The Writing
  14. Getting into the Flow
  15. The Portfolio
  16. Essential Components
  17. Designing Your Portfolio
  18. Refining and Perfecting
  19. Dealing with Awkward Points
  20. Gaps in Your Resume
  21. Pre-Employment Testing
  22. Getting to a New Job in 60 Days
  23. 60 Days to a New Job
  24. Getting the Lead Out
  25. Goal Setting
  26. Creating a Plan
  27. Choosing Your References
  28. Thank-You Notes
  29. Personal Action Plan
  30. Recommended Reading List
  31. Post-Course Assessment

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