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Hiring for Success – Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Course Overview

Interviewing sounds easy enough: you arrange for a conversation between you and potential candidates, and then select the best person for a particular position. But what if you could refine the process in such a way that you were confident that you are selecting the right person? How do you separate the good from the great, when they have similar work experience and strengths to offer? This course will give you the skills and tools to hire successful candidates.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. History of the Interviewing Process
  3. The Recruitment and Selection Process
  4. Factors in the Hiring Process
  5. Cost Analysis
  6. Job Analysis and Position Profiles
  7. Determining the Skills You Need
  8. Finding Candidates
  9. Advertising Guidelines
  10. Five Key Points
  11. Ten Tests for Advertising
  12. Screening Resumes
  13. The Screening Process
  14. Developing a Guide
  15. Performance Assessments
  16. Problems Recruiters Face
  17. Interviewing Barriers
  18. Non-Verbal Communication
  19. Types of Questions
  20. Open and Closed Questions
  21. Probing Techniques
  22. Case Study
  23. Traditional vs. Behavioral Interviews
  24. Behavioral Interviewing
  25. Sample Questions
  26. Other Types of Questions
  27. Achievement-Oriented and Holistic Questions
  28. Making Connections
  29. The Critical Incident Technique
  30. Listening for Answers
  31. Listen Well
  32. Committing to Change
  33. Difficult Applicants
  34. Interview Preparation and Format
  35. Other Interview Techniques
  36. Scoring Responses
  37. Checking References
  38. Human Rights
  39. Skill Application
  40. Pre-Assignment Review
  41. Personal Action Plan
  42. Recommended Reading List
  43. Post-Course Assessment

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