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Photoshop Training

This instructor-led class is held at Training Centres of Canada
330 Bay Street, suite 610. All classes start at 9am.

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

Adobe Photoshop Express is 1 day course that covers the Photoshop essentials needed to help you get started with the tool in an effective manner. 

This course includes training on the core introductory Photoshop features and provides a quick but thorough understanding of the product. The class material is delivered at a brisk pace but adequate time is provided for students to follow all instructor walkthroughs and complete all hands-on exercises.

This 1 day course covers introductory topics.


Because of the amount of material we cover in this class, we do require students to be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and the general operations of computers. While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class. We highly recommend working with the application tutorial before coming to the course.


Lesson 1 - Introduction

  • The options bar
  • The tools
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Changing page magnification
  • Navigating around the page
  • Resolution and image size
  • Resizing and re-sampling images
  • Colour modes
  • Undo and the history palette

Lesson 2 - Basic photo corrections

  • What to look for
  • Removing colour casts
  • Improving contrast

Lesson 3 - Basic retouching

  • the clone stamp tool
  • the healing brush
  • content aware fill
  • non destructive retouching

Lesson 4 - Making and working with selections

  • The marquee selection tool
  • The lasso tool
  • The quick selection tool
  • The magic wand
  • Transforming selections
  • Refining selections

Lesson 5 - Working with type and layers

  • Formatting type
  • Point type and area type
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path

Lesson 6 - Saving images

  • File formats
  • Changing colour modes
  • Saving for print
  • Saving for the web

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