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Microsoft Visio 2013 Core Essentials

This instructor-led class is held at Training Centres of Canada
330 Bay Street, suite 610. All classes start at 9am.

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

This one-level workshop shows students how to get the most out of Microsoft Visio 2013. The course includes 12 modules which cover shapes, text, objects, pages, and much more.

The Basics
The course begins with a look at how to open Visio 2013, as well as how to create, open, and save drawings. Participants are also shown how to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Your First Drawing
This module gets students into working with the basic features of Visio 2013. It covers the Shapes pane, how to add shapes to a drawing, and how to connect shapes together. This module also covers how to use drag and drop; cut, copy and paste; as well as undo and redo.

Working with Shapes
This third module provides an in-depth look at shapes. Students will learn how to select, move, rotate, resize, duplicate, and delete shapes.

Formatting Shapes
In this module, students will take a closer look at shapes. Topics include how to apply a shape style, change the fill, change the line color, and add effects.

Arranging Shapes
The look at shapes continues with this module. Students will learn how to use Auto Align, Auto Space, and Auto Align and Space. It also covers how to change the layout of a page and how to rotate the entire diagram.

Formatting Text
The course then switches gears to look at text. This module covers techniques to change font face, size, and color; apply text effects; use the Text dialog; change text alignment; and rotate text.

Inserting Art and Objects
This module focuses on art and objects. Students will be taught how to insert online pictures, local pictures, charts, CAD drawings, and text boxes.

Formatting the Page
Next, students will learn ways to format a page, including how to change the theme, choose a variant, apply a background, and apply borders and titles.

Managing Pages
This module allows students to further develop their skills with managing pages. They will learn how to insert pages, browse through pages, rename pages, delete pages, and create background pages.

The Finishing Touches
This module gives students a chance to polish their files by learning how to check spelling, modify page size and orientation, use Page Setup, and add headers and footers to a page.

Printing and Sharing Your Drawings
The skills taught to students in this module cover how to print and share drawings. Topics include how to use presentation mode; save a drawing as PDF, XPS, or as an image; print or e-mail a drawing; and share a drawing on SkyDrive.

Customizing the Interface
This final module looks at the interface and tips for customizing it. Students are shown how to collapse and expand the ribbon, customize the Quick Access toolbar, hide and show ribbon tabs, create custom tabs, and reset changes made to the interface.

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