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Working Smarter – Using Technology to Your Advantage

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Course Overview

Rudeness in the workplace is increasing to the level that universities are studying it. Everyone is busy, everyone is stressed, and most people take it out on their colleagues at one time or another. We’ve all been in a situation where we need to print something ASAP and someone has left the printer jammed, or we need coffee and the coffeepot is empty. Technology is supposed to make life easier and simpler, but most managers find themselves cleaning up the messes caused by too many gadgets. This course will show you how to leverage technology to work smarter, not harder.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. Making Your Company a Technology-Friendly Place
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Acme Consulting, Part One
  5. Conquering Computers
  6. Communicating with the IT Department
  7. Choosing Software Wisely
  8. The Three-Step Process
  9. Acme Consulting, Part Two
  10. Technical Training
  11. Types of Training
  12. Training Tips
  13. Setting an IT Budget
  14. Budget Basics
  15. The Shrinking Budget
  16. Security and Privacy
  17. An Employee’s Rights
  18. Doing Your Part
  19. An Employer’s Rights
  20. Uncontrolled vs. Controlled Networks
  21. Ergonomics
  22. What is Ergonomics?
  23. Stretch!
  24. System Usage Policies
  25. What is a System Usage Policy?
  26. Sample Internet, E-Mail, and Computer Usage Policy
  27. Acme Consulting, Part Three
  28. Taking Care of Company Property
  29. Basic Rules of Etiquette
  30. Making Connections
  31. Time-Saving Tools
  32. E-Mail Applications
  33. Tips and Tricks
  34. E-Mail Etiquette
  35. Scheduling Applications
  36. Contact Management Applications
  37. Telephone Etiquette
  38. Instant Messaging
  39. Instant Messaging Etiquette
  40. Understanding Acronyms
  41. Telecommuting
  42. What is Telecommuting?
  43. Preparing for Telecommuting
  44. To Telecommute or Not to Telecommute
  45. Workplace Rage
  46. It’s Not Working!
  47. A Policies and Procedures Checklist
  48. Personal Action Plan
  49. Recommended Reading List
  50. Post-Course Assessment

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