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Workplace Harassment – What It Is and What To Do About It

This course is currently available as E-Learning, or a private instructor-led class scheduled to suit your availabilty. You can click here to inquire further or you ask us for recommendations on similar classes.

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Course Overview

How do you prevent harassment from occurring? What sorts of policies should be in place? What should managers do to protect their employees? And if a complaint is filed, what will we do? All of these questions (and more!) will be answered in this course.

Learning Objectives

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. Defining Harassment
  3. What is Harassment?
  4. Reasonable Man/Reasonable Woman
  5. Defining Sexual Harassment
  6. What is Sexual Harassment?
  7. Is This Harassment?
  8. The Purpose of Training
  9. Creating a Harassment Policy
  10. Other Prevention Strategies
  11. Nipping it in the Bud
  12. Your Role as a Manager
  13. Making Connections
  14. Protecting Yourself
  15. What If It Happens to Me?
  16. What Works and What Doesn’t?
  17. Saying No
  18. What If It’s Happening to Someone Else?
  19. Someone Has Filed a Complaint Against Me!
  20. Addressing a Complaint
  21. Handling False Complaints
  22. Mediation
  23. Basics of Mediation
  24. The Mediation Process
  25. Investigating a Complaint
  26. Setting up the Investigation
  27. The Investigation Process
  28. The Investigation Report
  29. Making the Decision
  30. Creating Solutions
  31. After It’s Over
  32. Skill Application
  33. Task Preparation
  34. Stage 1
  35. Stage 2
  36. Stage 3
  37. Stage 4
  38. Personal Action Plan
  39. Recommended Reading List
  40. Post-Course Assessment

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